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The understanding provided by Nuro helps smart homes make smarter decisions.

The Importance of Data for Smart Homes

Simply put, when a smart home has better information about what’s happening in the home, it will make better decisions about the appropriate action to take.

Without knowing what’s going on, how can a smart home know how it should react? Most smart home solutions will just plod along with whatever settings that were pre-programmed into the device or app, with no regard for what might actually be happening around it.

Nuro has developed a solution that provides the insights needed to avoid the trap of blindly following a fixed set of instructions. Armed with these insights, smart homes can react intelligently — in real time — to deliver a more dynamic experience.

Sharing Insights

The Nuro platform was built from the ground up to ensure that the insights and intelligence gathered by our platform can be easily shared with other automation and smart home solutions to enhance their decision-making capabilities.

Nuro-enabled devices gather information on a continual basis and can relay that information to other devices in the home or to cloud-based systems. The amount and the frequency of this data can be configured for specific purposes. For example, an HVAC system doesn’t necessarily need data every second. Every few minutes would probably suffice for this purpose. However, a security system would certainly improve its usefulness if it had second-by-second information about room activity.

Enhancing Services

The insights generated by Nuro not only enhance the existing functionality of smart home devices and services. These insights also create new opportunities for these products to expand their capabilities in new directions.

For example, a Nuro-enabled light switch could act as a security monitor. Or a security system could control the temperature of the home. The opportunities for creating new combinations are virtually endless — all because of the data analytics provided by Nuro.

Transforming the Smart Home Experience

Insights generated by Nuro enhance existing services and create new opportunities.

Lighting Control

A Nuro-enabled home will understand when a room is being used or not and will automatically adjust the lights based on room occupancy, activity, and ambient conditions.

Energy Savings

By having a better understanding of when people are home and when they’re not, a smart home will help save energy — turning off lights or appliances when they’re not needed (e.g. portable air conditioners).

Climate Control

With better information about room occupancy and conditions, heating and cooling systems can optimize their operation — potentially resulting in huge energy savings.

Home Automation

Because Nuro watches and learns, it automatically reacts to what’s happening. And because Nuro also learns personal preferences, home automation systems can do some amazing things.


Nuro continually monitors activity and conditions in the home, so it can easily see which rooms are occupied at any particular time — and send notifications if something seems unusual or amiss.

Senior Living

As more and more seniors are living alone at home, more and more family members want to know that everything is OK. Nuro provides an easy, friendly way to track activity in the home, without cameras to invade anyone’s privacy.

Future Applications

Because Nuro shares insights about what’s happening in the home, our partners are able to create any number of future applications with the potential to increase the levels of comfort and convenience in any home.

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