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Enabling the Next Generation of Smart Homes

The key drivers of the next generation of smart homes will center on two mission-critical capabilities:

  • Intelligently tracking multiple conditions within the home, including the activity of the home’s occupants and other key variables
  • Dynamically building a context-based understanding of the home’s environment by continually analyzing these changing conditions

By providing these insights, future smart home solutions will be able to provide the level of convenience, safety, comfort, and peace of mind that people expect. In other words, if a smart home doesn’t understand what’s happening around the home, how can it make “smart” decisions?

This is the driving principle behind Nuro.

Step 1: Gather Information

Every facet of our technology was designed to enhance a smart home’s understanding, and the first step is to gather information — in a non-intrusive manner. With a sensing framework that’s built into common everyday items, Nuro works in the background tracking and monitoring a variety of conditions in the home. Here is a small sample of some of the questions that Nuro helps answer:

  • Room occupancy: When is a room being used? Which rooms are being used the most? What time of day has the most activity?
  • Ambient conditions: Is there enough ambient light? What’s the temperature in every room? Humidity? Air quality?
  • Patterns of activity: What are the regular patterns of activity across the house? When does activity seem out of place?

Having access to this information opens a world of possibilities for how smart home products and services will interact with the home’s occupants.

Step 2: Deepen Understanding

After collecting this data, Nuro uses its AI and machine-learning capabilities to develop a deeper contextual understanding of what’s happening in the home. For example, by understanding normal everyday patterns, Nuro can distinguish between “usual” and “unusual” activity.

These deep insights will have significant implications for a variety of services, including home automation, energy management, home security, and senior living. By gaining better information about activity and surrounding conditions, a smart home will be able to make better decisions about the appropriate course of action to take — and deliver a more personalized experience.

Putting It All Together

Nuro provides a complete end-to-end solution for helping smart homes become more aware, adaptive, and autonomous.

To help homes become more aware, we have created a sensing framework that tracks multiple conditions in the home — including room occupancy and activity. Using only off-the-shelf components, the sensor array can be easily incorporated into virtually any electronic device.

To help homes become more adaptive, we have integrated AI and machine learning capabilities that aggregate and analyze this information to identify patterns and preferences. The software providing these capabilities works on two levels: on every Nuro-enabled device and in the cloud.

To help homes become more autonomous, we have developed data analytics capabilities that share these insights among all Nuro-enabled devices and with third-party home automation and control systems. When a smart home has a better understanding about what to do, it can take care of routine tasks automatically.


Contextual Awareness

By tracking and analyzing various factors in the home, Nuro develops a contextual understanding of what’s happening — which is critical for the next generation of IoT and smart home products.

This deeper understanding about activity and conditions instantly transforms everyday devices and services into fully automated, high-performance rock stars.


Adaptive Decision-Making

Based on each room’s conditions (occupancy, activity, ambient light, etc.), a Nuro-enabled home can easily determine the appropriate action to take.

This understanding makes it possible for a smart home to adapt its behavior to create a customized, individually tailored experience for the home’s occupants.


Autonomous Action

Understanding patterns and preferences allows Nuro to know which action to take and then automatically take that action, when appropriate.

Because there is no programming or user-initiated action required, Nuro-enabled solutions can act in complete autonomy, making it easy for a smart home to manage everyday tasks automatically.

Nuro’s Unique Technology

Nuro provides a unique combination of key technologies that transform the smart home experience.

Advanced Sensing

Nuro’s advanced sensing capabilities go well beyond simple motion detection. With its patented software, Nuro constantly tracks activity and gathers information about what’s happening throughout your home — room by room, day by day.

AI & Machine Learning

Nuro’s AI and machine learning capabilities recognize and learn patterns of activity and room conditions. By continuously analyzing these factors, Nuro-enabled solutions can autonomously make informed decisions and take appropriate action.

Data Analytics

To create a truly customized experience for every home, Nuro shares key insights with other systems and services — such as home automation, security, and senior care — so everything works together to provide a seamless experience.

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