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Driven to help build the home of the future

Our History

The idea began with a simple home renovation project. Living in the heart of Silicon Valley, Premal Ashar wanted to automate certain aspects of his new home. However, the “smart home” solutions available at the time simply weren’t all that smart. They were just “obedient.” You had to tell them what to do before they did anything.

With his background in automated commercial sensor technology, Premal knew that he could design a simple and elegant solution: a solution that would truly deliver the Home of Future, a home that anticipates what people want — before they know they want it. This was the beginning of Nuro Technologies.

Our Team

Premal Ashar

Founder & CEO

Premal is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in product development, operations, and executive management for multiple startups. Previously, he co-founded Enlighted, the world’s leading sensor-based commercial lighting control system, and held senior positions at Nevis and Consentry Networks and technical positions at YAGO (acquired by Cabletron) and Riverstone Networks (IPO).

Bob Gulino

Founder & VP Marketing

Bob has extensive experience driving CE and technology products at both startups and Fortune 500 firms, including Apple, Cisco, and Logitech. As a senior executive, and with a passion for representing the voice of the customer, Bob has led teams through acquisitions and consistently turned emerging technologies into successful businesses, including one that grew to over $700M in revenue.

George Scolaro

VP Hardware Design

Combining skill with a knack for getting the job done, George has drive the design efforts for a wide range of hardware technology, from chips to board layouts to mechanical designs. His experience includes leading teams at Chips & Technology and National Semiconductor.

Yashodhan Desphande

Sr. Director Software

Yashodhan brings a broad range of experience in several device management and infrastructure platforms, including network security, embedded software, IoT, and data analytics, and he’s led multiple teams in infrastructure software, WAN optimization, and network security applications.

Our Advisors

Michael Souter

With 25 years of lighting design experience, Michael has built a portfolio of designs that are artistic, innovative, and practical, covering a range of styles: hospitality, residential, commercial, and exterior public spaces. Michael’s designs have been nationally recognized in various publications and have won numerous awards.

Brian Ditchek

In addition to expertise in renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, Brian has many years of experience in lighting, lighting controls, and materials science. Having authored many articles about lighting and energy over the years, Brian focused his writing talents on a new endeavor, recently publishing his first novel, I Am Avhor.

Bill Sheppard

With extensive experience in the home automation, security, and connected television markets, Bill brings a deep understanding of key related technologies, including home automation middleware and hardware, digital television, and security products and services.

Helen Heneveld

Helen has extensive experience in smart home technologies, products, and training with startups and Fortune 500 firms, including Amazon, Intel, and Microsoft. Helen has a unique ability to see through the hype, identify impactful new technologies, and pinpoint potential opportunities.

Michael Wolf

Michael has focused his career on helping companies navigate the waters of consumer technologies and better understand the smart home and consumer IoT. He is a frequent contributor on Forbes and Gigaom and hosts the most popular smart home podcast on iTunes, the Smart Home Show.

John Picard

Recognized for his innovation and creativity, John has built and re-built homes for Hollywood executives, helped to green the film industry, and received calls from Fortune 500 companies around the globe requesting his expertise to help them envision and implement sustainable business solutions.

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