Driving the next generation of smart homes


Driving the next generation of smart homes

A Smarter Approach

Nuro started with a simple idea: we want to build smart homes that are truly smart.

If you think about it, most smart home products today really aren’t that smart. They’re just obedient. Whether through programming or voice commands, they still must be told what to do.

To be truly intelligent, smart homes should understand what’s happening, know what to do, and then do it for you. Automatically. Nuro has developed an intelligence-gathering sensing platform that that interprets activity and patterns to create an individually tailored smart home experience — without requiring user input or control.

How It Works

Nuro adds advanced multi-sensing capabilities (via software) to a standard, everyday sensor (passive infrared sensor). Further, because Nuro-enabled devices do not use a camera, there is no concern about invading privacy in the home.

At the core of the Nuro platform is a combination of two key technologies that work together to provide a deeper understanding of what’s happening in the home: advanced sensing and machine learning.

Advanced Sensing
Nuro’s advanced sensing capabilities go well beyond simple motion detection. With its patent-pending software, Nuro constantly tracks activity and gathers information about what’s happening throughout your home — room by room, day by day.

Further, Nuro monitors a variety of conditions, including room activity, temperature, time of day, ambient light, and energy usage. When tracking activity, it can even tell the difference between a human and a pet.

Machine Learning
Every Nuro device has built-in machine learning that allows it to recognize and learn patterns of activity. It continuously analyzes room activity and uses predictive analytics to autonomously make its own decisions and take appropriate action.

Nuro takes this data collection and analysis one step further: Nuro shares these insights with other home automation, security, and control systems, so everything works together to create a seamlessly intuitive experience.

Three key technologies for the next-generation smart home


By understanding activity and surrounding conditions, Nuro-enabled devices provide a new level of automation and control — with no complex setup or programming.


To be truly intelligent, a smart home should understand what’s happening in the home, know what to do, and then do it for you. Automatically. This is Nuro's mission.


By gaining enhanced information about a home's activity, smart homes will make better decisions about what people really want, delivering a truly personalized experience.