Lighting Control

Nuro-enabled lights automatically and dynamically adapt to activity and ambient conditions.

Lighting Automation Made Easy

The BriteLight™ Smart Dimmer Switch is the first “Powered by Nuro” product. By adding advanced sensing and intelligence, we’ve taken something that everyone already knows how to use and transformed it into a self-learning home automation solution.

Easy to Use

Just install the BriteLight switch and go. It does all the work for you. It watches and learns and then adjusts the lights automatically based on activity and room conditions.

Once it gets going, you’ll never need to touch the switch — unless you want to.

BriteLight™ Smart Dimmer Switch

Easy to Install

The BriteLight switch can be installed in minutes — just like any other light switch into any standard switch box.

No additional hardware. No special training. No special setup. No programming. No hassle.

No-Touch Operation

The BriteLight switch automatically senses when and how much light is needed in real-time, based on room occupancy, activity, ambient light, and time of day. All you have to do is be there and enjoy.

It’s completely automatic. You won’t need to use a voice command, access the mobile app, or actually tap the switch. While you still have those options, once the BriteLight switch learns your preferences, you may never touch the switch again.

  • Turns on the light as you walk into the room — only when light is needed
  • Adjusts brightness based on changes in ambient light, so you have just the right level at all times of the day
  • Turns off the lights when you leave the room

Advanced Lighting Features that Instantly Upgrade Any Home

The BriteLight Smart Dimmer Switch adds several new capabilities that make lighting control easier than ever:

  • No-touch operation — automatically turns on and off based on room activity and surrounding conditions
  • Dynamic dimming — continuously adjusts dimming level (based on ambient light and time of day)
  • Easy bulb matching — automatically detects and matches bulb type (LED, incandescent, CFL)
  • Smooth, flicker-free dimming — automatically adapts dimming curve for every bulb type
  • Brightness level indicator — shows dimming levels at a glance
  • Built-in night light — turns on with a single press, with selectable brightness levels
  • Groups and scenes — coordinates with other BriteLight switches to create elegant lighting for any room
  • Control via app — checks or controls lights, at home or away
  • Voice control — responds to voice commands given to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Beyond Just Lighting

Because of its advanced capabilities, the BriteLight switch adds a new level of “smarts” to any smart home.

Next-Generation Sensing

Nuro’s patented passive infrared (PIR) sensing capabilities intelligently detect room occupancy and activity — room by room, day by day, minute by minute. Over time, BriteLight will even learn the difference between humans and pets.

Sensing Multiple Conditions

In addition to room activity and ambient light, BriteLight also tracks other room conditions, including temperature, humidity, and power usage, so you always know what’s going on.

Built-In AI

With on-board AI and machine learning, BriteLight recognizes patterns of activity, so it can identify your needs and preferences and know what action to take — or not take

Remote Monitoring & Control

The mobile app lets you control your lights from anywhere, and you can use it to check conditions back at home. This provides a comforting level of reassurance. For example:

  • Did I leave the lights on?
  • Is the temperature where it should be?
  • Has there been any recent activity in the room?

Pattern Recognition

The peace of mind provided by BriteLight’s monitoring capabilities is further enhanced by Nuro’s ability to recognize and learn patterns of activity.

Once it develops this understanding, it can tell the difference between the “usual” and “unusual” — and send an alert when something seems amiss.

Privacy Protection

Because BriteLight uses no cameras, there is no invasion of privacy — and no feeling of being watched by Big Brother all the time.


We’ve been recognized by industry experts and analysts. The Nuro technology built into every BriteLight switch has received multiple awards for innovation and excellence:

  • CES Innovation Awards (2x)
  • Cable Labs Innovation Showcase
  • Talent Unleashed


Every BriteLight switch supports over-the-air upgrades, so new features can be added as soon as they become available — with no need to re-install, re-wire, or re-program.

Technical Specifications

Nuro-enabled switches can be installed just like any other light switch. There are no special wires nor additional components that need to be installed. However, Nuro switches do require a neutral wire in order to operate properly. Also, in some older homes, the in-wall box to hold the switch may be too small for the switch. This may require the installation of a new box. If you are not sure of these requirements, please consult with an electrician.

  • Power: 110-277V 50/60Hz, up to 400W dimmer
  • Bulb support: virtually all types of light bulbs
  • PIR sensor range: 140° view, up to 25 ft.
  • Additional sensors: ambient light, temperature, humidity, industrial-grade power metering
  • 5 customizable buttons
  • Wi-Fi b/g (2.4GHz)
  • Certifications: ETL and FCC
  • Modular design: user-upgradable digital module (no need to touch high-voltage wiring)
  • Activity-based sensing: DSP engine turns a standard PIR sensor into a sophisticated activity sensor.
  • Automatic bulb detection: Software detects the load signature (type of light bulb) and adjusts the dimming curve for smoothest operation.
  • Advanced self-learning: Machine learning capabilities automatically learn user preferences — no need for any configuration or programming.
  • Contextual understanding: Software algorithms analyze sensory input, external environmental data, and user preferences — for enhanced decision making about lighting control and other applications.
  • Simplified configuration: Groups and scenes can be configured via app, so three-way and multi-way operation requires no additional wiring.
  • Customizable operation: Every schedule has the ability to be set as automatic, manual, time-based on/off, or sleep.
  • Over-the-air upgradability: The software on every switch can be updated over the Internet for future-proof expandability.

On the device

  • Built-in operation (works even without network connectivity)
  • Fault tolerance
  • Auto-recovery in event of power failure

In the cloud

  • Higher-level analytics and data mining
  • Automatic upload of learning/data from individual device

Open architecture: for seamless integration with other systems

  • Home automation: touchless operation (for “home of the future”)
  • Energy savings: intelligent decision-making to conserve energy and balance user comforts
  • Security: contextual and behavior-aware security with automatic arming and disarming
  • Senior care: ability to track detailed movement, identify changes in patterns, and detect anomalies (such as a collapsing person)
  • Alexa and Google Assistant support: seamless voice control

Future Capabilities

All Nuro-enabled switches are software-upgradable, and we are continuing to add new features and services. In addition to the features noted above, here are a few additional capabilities planned for the near future:

  • Home automation integration: Shares information with other automation systems, so that your entire home can make smarter decisions
  • Customizable buttons: Assigns specific scenes or groups to a single button for easy, one-touch access
  • Pet detection: Distinguishes between human and pet activity, so the light remains off when your pet enters the room
  • Device detection: Confirms identities of authorized individuals (via mobile device)

Room to Grow

With Nuro's integrated approach, it's easy to add new devices and services that will make your smart home more comfortable and more convenient.


It’s easy to start with one device and then add others later. Every "Powered by Nuro" device has built-in sensing and AI capabilities, so it works great on its own. As you add more, all the devices will work together and share information with each other. This coordination will help your home make smarter decisions.


Nuro-enabled devices can share insights with other home systems for a complete smart home experience. Using this contextual understanding, home automation systems can become more autonomous, taking the right action at the right time for a truly “touchless” experience.

Add-On Services

The information gathered by Nuro-enabled devices can enable and enhance several new services, each of which can be tailored to match individual needs and preferences. In addition to lighting and climate control, these services include security monitoring, safety, and senior living.

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