Nuro-Enabled Products

Check out our growing family of devices that include advanced sensing and intelligence.

Current Nuro-Enabled Solutions

Nuro is working with manufacturing partners to add advanced sensing and AI/machine learning capabilities to a range of household devices. By integrating the ability to understand activity and surrounding conditions, Nuro-enabled devices provide a new level of automation and control — with no complex setup or programming.

While we can’t disclose some of our partners at this time, we are very excited about what you’ll see on these pages in the near future. Stay tuned.

Taking Smart Home Products to the Next Level

Every “Powered by Nuro” device shares a common set of features, so you can rest assured that you’ll have a seamless experience no matter which product you choose.

Touchless Operation

Because every Nuro-enabled device has built-in sensors and advanced self-learning capabilities, it monitors activity and learns patterns and preferences, adjusting its settings dynamically according to room conditions.

In fact, once it gets going, you may never need to touch the controls again.

No Programming

Nuro-enabled devices teach themselves, so you don’t have to tell them what to do. They understand what’s going on and handle simple tasks all by themselves, making it easier than ever to automate your home.

There’s no need to set up a control system. No complex programming. No special wiring. No hub to configure. Just connect the Nuro device and you’re ready to go. It does all the work for you.

Built-In AI

Nuro-enabled devices have on-board AI and machine learning capabilities that take any device way beyond just a simple IoT device.

With this advanced level of intelligence, these devices will understand your needs and preferences more clearly and will know what action to take — or not take.

Privacy Protection

While it would be easy to put cameras all over the house, most people don’t want that.

This is why Nuro uses non-invasive sensing technology to track activity — protecting your privacy and avoiding the feeling of being watched by “big brother” all the time.

Future Growth

As the variety of Nuro-enabled devices grows, they will share information with each other, delivering even deeper understanding about what’s happening in the home.

This will make is easy to add new devices and services that will make your smart home lifestyle more comfortable and more convenient.

Common Devices with Uncommon Capabilities

Nuro has partnered with top-tier manufacturers to create new devices with advanced sensing, understanding, operation, and control.

Lighting Control

with intelligent sensing and touchless operation

The BriteLight switch does all the work for you. It senses and reacts, automatically adjusting your lights based on activity, room conditions, and your personal preferences. In short, it delivers a new level of intuitive and autonomous control to home lighting.

If you want, you can still control your lights by voice command, mobile app, or touch control, but the switch’s automatic operation means you won’t need to.

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