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Nuro understands the “Intelligence of Things.” Our reference designs provide the right blend of sensing, logic, and connectivity to complement your product with what we call touchless intelligence.


Reference Designs and Engineering Services

  • Reference Designs

    Nuro’s core that encompasses the intelligence module and a variety of sensors is available as reference for any product. From this reference it is straight forward to derive a custom design. You have the flexibility to select a complete Nuro designed product or the integration of the Nuro core into an existing product. Reference designs may include a combination of schematic, layout and BOM files.


  • Technology Services

    You may also request custom design and integration of your product. Nuro offers this as a service to complete the product design in readiness for production.
    Nuro can provide design guidance for optimal sensor mounting and positioning.
    Hardware customization includes the necessary Nuro specific CAD files for you to commence manufacturing.

Software Integration and Services

  • Firmware development

    Nuro has developed a product agnostic software communication protocol that fits right into your existing product software controller via standard communication interfaces


  • Cloud development

    Nuro’s cloud is architected seamlessly to work with any product type. No matter what features the product supports – be it complex sensing for touchless operation, data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, automatic scheduling, rules and policies, and application and services, Nuro cloud has it all!


  • Mobile applications

    Nuro has developed a complex application support for iOS and Android platforms that include real-time monitoring, active controls, profile and scheduling, events and notifications. You can choose to white-label Nuro’s already designed mobile application or Nuro can customize the mobile application to suit your requirements.


  • Consulting services

    Nuro also provides software consulting services to build custom data applications as per your requirements.


Case Studies

Service Providers
  • OAuth and API data sharing
  • Policy based push notification for any events
  • Intelligence as a service:
    • Applications for safety and security
    • Custom application development
  • Simplified design and planning
  • Comprehensive whole house control
  • Professional support