A flexible platform for devices and services


A flexible platform for devices and services

Better Together

Nuro provides the world’s most advanced sensing platform for the home, but to unlock the full potential of this knowledge, we know we can’t do it alone. Just as the future of smart homes will require the ability to understand what’s happening in the home, this understanding needs products and services designed to put this knowledge to good use.

In other words, creating the best possible smart home experience will require a combination of insights, devices, and services that all share information and work together.

The Nuro Approach

There are many great home IoT products available today that do some amazing things for the home, and we want to help make them better. Nuro was designed from the ground up to gather insights about what’s happening in the home and then share this information with other products and services.

By leveraging the contextual understanding that Nuro provides with their own capabilities, home management and control solutions can take the smart home experience to the next level, providing individually tailored applications and services that closely match each person’s lifestyle.

Flexible Options

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our partners to bring products and services to market as quickly as possible. We therefore offer a range of technologies, services, and designs:

Manufacturing partnership

  • Use all or part of one of Nuro’s growing line-up of reference designs.
  • Integrate Nuro’s sensing technologies into an existing design.
  • Work with Nuro to add sensing technologies into a new product.

Services partnership

  • Use one of the native applications or services offered by Nuro.
  • Leverage the insights gathered by Nuro to offer new services to your customers.
  • Work with Nuro to create new services for your customers.

Data partnership

  • Use the insights gathered by Nuro to enhance your own data services.
  • Integrate the raw data feed from Nuro-enabled devices into your own ecosystem.

Become a Partner

If you’d like to become part of our community and help create the smart home of the future, please send a note to

Three key technologies for the next-generation smart home


By understanding activity and surrounding conditions, Nuro-enabled devices provide a new level of automation and control — with no complex setup or programming.


To be truly intelligent, a smart home should understand what’s happening in the home, know what to do, and then do it for you. Automatically. This is Nuro's mission.


By gaining enhanced information about a home's activity, smart homes will make better decisions about what people really want, delivering a truly personalized experience.