Enhance Your Services

Nuro intelligence lets you customize your services to fit your customers’ lifestyles.

Customize Your Services with Targeted Intelligence

Because a Nuro-enabled home intelligently gathers key insights about home activity, it understands individual patterns and preferences. This understanding makes it possible to deliver smart home applications and services that are uniquely tailored for the home’s occupants.

Not only can you enhance the services that you’re already providing, you can also offer new services to your customers. For example, because Nuro-enabled devices monitor multiple conditions within the home — including activity and occupancy — it’s easy to provide security monitoring as an add-on service for your customers.

Two Ways that Nuro Enhances Your Services

Data Sharing

While Nuro-enabled devices can provide a broad range of services by themselves, the real power of Nuro kicks it when other systems can also use this information. By sharing its insights with home automation, security, and control systems, Nuro will help these systems improve the experience for their customers, redefining expectations.

As Nuro develops a deeper contextual understanding of the home, sharing this data with partners and service providers will encourage the development of new apps and services, extending the ability of a Nuro-enabled home to create a customized experience that reflects individual needs and preferences.

Context-Driven Apps

By gaining enhanced information about the activity happening throughout the home, these systems will be able to make better decisions about what people really want, instinctively delivering a truly personalized experience: “no-touch” lighting, energy conservation, enhanced security, senior care, and many others.

Nuro’s ability to provide actionable intelligence will enable the next generation of smart apps for the home, all designed to provide a new level of convenience, comfort, and peace of mind.

Better information helps create a better experience

Here are some of the ways in which our partners are already improving the services offered to their customers.

Lighting Control

A Nuro-enabled home will understand when a room is being used or not and will automatically adjust the lights based on room occupancy, activity, and ambient conditions.

Home Automation

Because Nuro watches and learns, it automatically reacts to what’s happening. And because Nuro also learns personal preferences, home automation systems can do some amazing things.


Nuro continually monitors activity and conditions in the home, so it can easily see which rooms are occupied at any particular time — and send notifications if something seems unusual or amiss.

Climate Control

With better information about room occupancy and conditions, heating and cooling systems can optimize their operation — potentially resulting in huge energy savings.

Senior Living

As more and more seniors are living alone at home, more and more family members want to know that everything is OK. Nuro provides an easy, friendly way to track activity in the home, without cameras to invade anyone’s privacy.

Future Applications

Because Nuro shares insights about what’s happening in the home, our partners are able to create any number of future applications with the potential to increase the levels of comfort and convenience in any home.

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