Turnkey Devices

Nuro makes it easy to add sensing and intelligence to virtually any device.

Add Intelligence to Everyday Devices

Nuro has created a complete turnkey solution so that our partners can add advanced new capabilities to their existing devices with minimal impact on cost or schedule. Nuro offers a wide range of customizable solutions for easy integration into virtually any electronic device. Here are just a few examples:

  • On-device sensing and intelligence modules (using off-the-shelf components)
  • Internet connectivity and cloud-based data aggregation
  • Complete reference designs

Give Your Products the “Smarts” They Deserve

Nuro’s advanced sensing and machine learning capabilities add a new level of customization and control to your devices. With these capabilities, Nuro-enabled devices can react intelligently to room activity and changing conditions, thereby creating a home environment that more closely reflects individual lifestyles.

Two Ways that Nuro Makes It Easy

Easy Integration

Enabling Nuro‘s software requires only standard off-the-shelf components, so you can easily add Nuro’s advanced sensing and machine learning capabilities to your devices for only a minimal cost. This approach has the added benefit of adding advanced capabilities to devices that are already familiar to customers.

Easy Operation

Because Nuro adds capabilities to familiar everyday devices , there’s no need to “re-learn” how to use a device. There’s no programming, no hub, and no complex configuration. Nuro-enabled devices work right out of the box — and use machine learning and AI to teach themselves over time.

A collaborative approach that maximizes ease and flexibility

Here are some of the ways in which our partners can incorporate Nuro technology into their devices.

Plug-and-Play Options

Nuro offer a range of solutions for incorporating advanced sensing and intelligence in your electronic devices, and because all of these solutions use existing, off-the-shelf components, we can help you get up and running quickly.

Activity Sensing

With its patented software, Nuro turns a generic infrared “motion sensor” into an advanced signature-based “activity monitor.”

Nuro can distinguish various types of movement, including the direction and source of the motion. It can even tell the difference between a human and a pet — or a heating vent.

Multiple Sensors

In addition to activity sensing, Nuro-enabled devices typically include an array of additional sensors that gather data about multiple conditions in the room, including ambient light, temperature, humidity, air quality, and energy usage (with built-in metering and load analysis).

Built-In AI

Nuro-enabled devices have on-board AI and machine learning capabilities that take any device way beyond just a simple IoT device.

With this advanced level of intelligence, these devices will understand your needs and preferences more clearly and will know what action to take — or not take.

Reference Designs

Nuro has developed a number of references designs, ranging from smaller add-on sensor boards to complete designs for light switches, touch screens, and outlets. Just pick the design that fits your needs, and you’re ready to go.


If one of our ready-made designs or applications doesn’t quite fit your needs, Nuro has a team of engineers who will work with you to create a solution specifically tailored for your exact requirements — from customized hardware and board layouts to special-purpose apps and services.

Touchless Operation

Because every Nuro-enabled device has built-in sensors and advanced self-learning capabilities, it monitors activity and learns patterns and preferences, adjusting its settings dynamically according to room conditions.

In fact, once it gets going, you may never need to touch the controls again.

No Camera

Instead of using a camera, Nuro’s patented software turns a standard infrared sensor into a signature-based sensor array that identifies a range of activity and motion. This removes the need — and the expense — of adding a camera to your devices.

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