Why Nuro?

Nuro empowers virtually any smart home product by adding powerful sensing and intelligence.

A Collaborative Approach

There are many great home IoT products available today that do some amazing things for the home, and we want to help make them better. Nuro was designed from the ground up to gather insights about what’s happening in the home and then share this information with other products and services.

By leveraging the contextual understanding that Nuro provides with their own capabilities, home management and control solutions can take the smart home experience to the next level, providing individually tailored applications and services that closely match each person’s lifestyle.

Flexible Options

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our partners to bring products and services to market as quickly as possible. We therefore offer a range of technologies, services, and designs:

Services Partnership

  • Use one of the native applications or services offered by Nuro.
  • Leverage the insights gathered by Nuro to offer new services to your customers.
  • Work with Nuro to create new services for your customers.

Manufacturing Partnership

  • Use all or part of one of Nuro’s growing line-up of reference designs.
  • Integrate Nuro’s sensing technologies into an existing design.
  • Work with Nuro to add sensing technologies into a new product.

Data Partnership

  • Use the insights gathered by Nuro to enhance your own data services.
  • Integrate the raw data feed from Nuro-enabled devices into your own ecosystem.

Benefits of Partnering with Nuro

Building a “connected” device by adding Wi-Fi or other wireless capabilities is relatively easy. Adding intelligent sensing and data collection and analysis, on the other hand, takes some effort. Nuro has been at the forefront of this integration for several years, so we know how to get this done, quickly and easily.

Nuro has developed a modular approach for easily adding activity sensing, condition monitoring, and machine learning capabilities to virtually any electronic device. Whether you’d like to integrate sensor components into your product’s design, add monitoring and control features to your mobile app, or share data and insights with the services you offer to your customers, the Nuro team can help.

Nuro offers an “a la carte” menu that makes it easy to add exactly what you need to get up and running quickly.

Faster Time to Market

Unless your company has a huge development team, figuring out how to build new capabilities into your products can often take a long time. Because Nuro offers multiple ways to add smart technologies, choosing the right “add-on” is easy.

By partnering with Nuro, you can remove months — or even years — of develop time and get your products on the market in a relatively short time frame.

Lower Costs

Even if you have a big development team, that team may not have the core competencies needed. Because Nuro’s expertise is built on integrating sensing and machine learning capabilities, we can help choose the most cost-effective way to enhance your products.

By partnering with Nuro, you won’t need to spend extra money and resources getting the product right.

Lower Risk

Developing new technologies and capabilities is often a trial-and-error process, and companies can often find themselves going through trial after trial until they get it right. Because Nuro has gone through these trials already, we know how to avoid potential pitfalls.

By partnering with Nuro, you benefit from the lessons we’ve learned along the way.

Nuro’s Unique Capabilities

The Nuro platform tracks multiple conditions within the home, including the activity of the home’s occupants and other key variables. By continuously gathering data and generating deep insights, Nuro provides a contextual understanding about what’s happening in the home — all while protecting privacy. In providing these insights, Nuro has created a simple and elegant solution that understands its environment and automatically takes care of routine, everyday tasks.

Advanced Activity Sensing
Nuro’s enhanced sensing capabilities go well beyond simple motion detection. Nuro’s software turns a generic infrared “motion sensor” into an advanced signature-based “activity monitor” — all without the use of a camera. Nuro distinguishes various types of movement, including the direction and source of the motion. It can even tell the difference between a human and a pet, or a heating vent.

Multiple Sensors
Nuro-enabled devices include an array of additional sensors that gather data about multiple conditions in the room, including ambient light, temperature, humidity, indoor air quality, pressure, CO2 equivalent, energy usage (with built-in metering and load analysis), etc.

Understanding Context
Gathering the data about conditions is just the first step. A smart home should also know what to do with that information. Nuro uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to develop the insights needed to automate routine tasks, without any user intervention. People will not need to take any action themselves, unless they want to.

Pattern Recognition
Bringing machine learning and AI capabilties to the edge, Nuro continuously interprets activity and conditions, creating a contextual understanding of what’s happening in the home. By understanding normal everyday patterns, Nuro can distinguish between “usual” and “unusual” activity.

Data Sharing
Working with its licensees and strategic partners, Nuro shares these insights with home automation, security, and control systems. By gaining a contextual understanding about the activity happening throughout the home, these systems will be able to make better decisions about what people really want, instinctively delivering a truly personalized experience.

Privacy Protection
Because Nuro uses no video cameras, there is no invasion of privacy — and no feeling of being watched by Big Brother all the time.

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