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Take your products beyond IoT to build the next-generation smart home.

Build a Smarter Smart Home

Nuro started with a simple idea: we want to build a more intuitive, more intelligent smart home.

If you think about it, most smart home products today really aren’t that smart. They’re just obedient. Whether through programming or voice commands, they still must be told what to do.

To be truly intelligent, smart home devices and services should understand what’s happening, know what to do, and then do it for you. Automatically.

This is where Nuro can help.

Go Beyond “Standard” IoT

There are many great “connected” products in the market today, and they do all kinds of great things. There are even services that make it easy to add Wi-Fi or other wireless connections to just about any device you can think of. However, adding an Internet connection is really just the first step.

If you really want to tap into the full potential of IoT, you really should consider adding sensing and machine learning capabilities to your products. Having the ability to sense activity and monitor conditions, understand what’s going on around you, and then react appropriately is the key to the next generation of IoT devices and services.

Add Sensing and Intelligence to Your Products

Nuro will work with you to determine the hardware components and software you’ll need to transform your products into an advanced intelligence-gathering platform. Adding sensing and learning capabilities will help perform several critical tasks:

  • Sense activity
  • Monitor conditions
  • Simplify operation
  • Analyze patterns
  • Automate core functionality

Nuro provides a range of options that make it easy to add many advanced features to even the “simplest” of electronic devices. To learn more, check out the advantages of working with Nuro or contact our sensing and integration team for a free consultation.

Create New Business Opportunities

Adding Nuro intelligence doesn’t just super-charge your products. It also creates new opportunities to expand your business.

Happier Customers
By understanding what’s happening in the home — room by room, minute by minute — your smart home products will deliver a uniquely tailored experience that matches individual needs and preferences. The end result is greater convenience and greater satisfaction for your customers.

Enhanced Services
The insights that Nuro-enabled devices can provide will augment the existing capabilities of your products and services. For example, having information about activity in every room and recognizing “abnormal” patterns could significantly improve home security and senior care.

New Features
Because of the flexibility of the Nuro platform, adding new features to the core functionality of your products and services is a snap. For example, a light switch could transform into a home security system or thermostat, and vice versa.

New Revenue Streams
Expanding the services and applications offered to your customers may create opportunities for subscription services. If your light switch or portable air conditioner can also monitor air quality or senior activity, for example, many customers may be willing to pay a small fee for this service.

Increased Stickiness
If you already provide a subscription-based service to your customers, the ability to personalize the features and functionality for every home will deliver greater value to your customers — and increase the chance that they will stay on as long-term subscribers.

Two Ways to Partner with Nuro

If you’re building solutions for a smart home, here’s how Nuro can help ensure that your solution delivers the “smartest” experience possible.


with contextual understanding and insights


with contextual understanding and insights

By gaining enhanced information about a home’s activity, smart homes will make better decisions about what people really want, delivering a truly personalized experience.


with insight-generating capabilities


with insight-generating capabilities

Nuro offers multiple turnkey solutions and reference designs for seamlessly adding sensing and intelligence to your devices so you’re up and running quickly.

Better Together

Nuro provides the world’s most advanced sensing platform for the home, but to unlock the full potential of this knowledge, we know we can’t do it alone. Just as the future of smart homes will require the ability to understand what’s happening in the home, this understanding needs products and services designed to put this knowledge to good use.

In other words, creating the best possible smart home experience will require a combination of insights, devices, and services that all share information and work together.

To learn more about how we can help, click on the button below to request a free consultation.

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