Not Just A Switch

Elegant Simplicity

Operating your lights is a thing of the past. Out of the box, BriteLight switches know what to do and when.

Affordable Sophistication

Delivers a uniquely effortless experience in virtually any lighting scenario at a fraction of the cost of high-end systems. Say goodbye to the complexity of more hardware and the dependence on service technicians.

Subscriber Services

  • Contextual Security – Auto Arm & Disarm, a room, a floor, or whole house.
  • Aging in place – Worry free monitoring of seniors, without need of wearables.
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Portable Air Conditioner

Intuitive Comfort

Maintaining ideal conditions is no longer a tedious task of adjustments. A Nuro powered PAC knows your preferences and automatically makes adjustments to room climate at the right time – when you’re there.

Economic Efficiency

Managing room temperature and humidity shouldn’t be an expensive guessing game. With built-in sensors that include energy-monitoring, a Nuro powered PAC has the ability to measure current conditions and the intelligence to optimize performance to fit your budget.