No camera or microphone means no eavesdropping or invasion of privacy.

The Tech

Lighting Control

Boomers to Gen Alpha

– Operates as a dimmer switch that even grandparents are familiar with.
– Power and flexibility for Gen Alpha, adapting to autonomous lifestyle.

Always Included – Real-time insights, Wireless 3-way, scenes, App and Voice Control.

Passive Sensing

Nuro prides itself on developing sophisticated software algorithms that augment traditional sensing components that have been proven reliable. Nuro powered devices employ passive sensing technology that do not emit any radiation (e.g., microwave) or sound (e.g., ultrasonic). No camera or microphone is used, protecting your privacy.

We’ve taken a standard motion sensor and transformed it. Capable of distinguishing different types of movement, it can focus on detecting what matters (i.e., your presence) and filter out false triggers.

Monitors the level of natural light when you’re in the room to determine if the light should turn on and at what brightness.

Provides active and accurate power metering to show how much wattage is being used and derive trends to analyze cost.

Identifies hot and cold spots by room and trends across seasons.

Indoor Air Quality
An important measure in maintaining a healthier environment, you’ll know when there’s a need to vent air or use indoor air purifiers.

Too much or too little moisture in the air can present an issue ranging from discomfort to one that effects a person’s respiratory health. Measures that can help determine the need for a humidifier or de-humidifier.

CO2 Equivalent
A metric measure of concentration that can be used to gain more insight into occupancy levels and indoor air quality.

Typically used to track weather changes, changes in atmospheric pressure have also been known to trigger headaches and other symptoms.


Touchless Intelligence Services

Premium offerings add:

  • Enhanced DIY Security – Whole house security without need of additional devices includes light strobing and intrusion deterrence.
  • Contextual Security  A new paradigm for security  whole house or individual room, upstairs or downstairs, auto arming or disarming.
  • Senior Care / Tracking  Never offered before. Tracking without the need for wearables ensures privacy. Ability to identify abnormal patterns and send alerts.
  • Learning and Customization – Ability to auto learn individual settings. Flexibility to customize button mapping per switch and no limit on number of scenes, groups and switch combinations. 

Sensors are at the core of every device powered by Nuro. Relatively speaking, they replace human-sensing and are key to enabling touchless automation. Combined with software intelligence, these devices can make decisions and act autonomously. Having no dependency on the network for day-to-day operation, these devices auto recover their state without human intervention after a power outage. Edge machine-learning and AI help to learn user preferences and auto-tune to deliver users that touchless experience.

Where sensory data is used for data analytics on a higher order – from a cluster of devices (i.e., one room to a whole house). Machine learning and AI applications at an account-level, identify and distinguish between routine and abnormal patterns on multiple-levels (i.e., switch, rooms, whole house).

Primarily to monitor conditions on an individual room basis or whole house aggregation. Provides all the means to create and modify lighting control and services for different premises.

Mobile App


Quick & Easy configuration
Streamlines the setup of each switch. Pre-defined settings based on room type (e.g., Kitchen) address 80% of use cases for lighting behavior across different times of the day. Create the room in the BriteHome app, select the room type and then add your switches.

For unique situations use the app to tailor your lighting further or take advantage of Premium services to automate that process for you by making adjustments as your needs change. Either way, the BriteHome app provides the means to address virtually any scenario.


Global – Set basic switch configuration defaults that include situations where manual operation is involved.

Schedule – Set the start of a period (e.g., morning or dusk) when lighting requirements differ from other periods in the day.

Profile – Set lighting behavior parameters and apply it to one or more schedules and across one or more switches.

Group – Set the relationship between switches controlling the same lighting (i.e., 3- and multi-way configurations).

Scene – Set the lighting level of one or more switches for specific occasions (e.g., watching TV, dining).

Provides at-a-glance occupancy, light levels, temperature, power usage, air quality, humidity etc. trend charts for each room.