BriteLight Your Home

Just Settling In

BriteLight is ready when you are

  • Easy Start – Traditional design, it feels and operates like an electronic dimmer switch.
  • Getting Connected – With mesh Wi-Fi and internet set up, each switch can be configured via our BriteHome App using a wizard to assist you in easy and quick setup.
  • Touchless Intelligence – Advanced motion-activated lighting minimizes your need to interact with the switch, whether it be by touch, app or voice control.
  • Adaptive Smarts – Use more advanced lighting control features (groups, schedules, and adaptive lighting) to customize and fine-tune your preferences.
  • Real-time Insights – Sensor data such as room occupancy, energy usage, lighting levels always included.

Families with Children

Having different activities and schedules, our BriteHome app provides you an easy at-a-glance way to check on your loved ones.

  • Monitor their activity within the home.
  • When they are back home.
  • When they leave home.
  • Keep an eye on babysitter’s activity.

Independent Senior Living

When comfort and peace of mind are most important.

  • Have your near and dear ones keep an eye on you without invading your privacy.
  • One less thing to worry about turning ON or OFF the lights.
  • No jarring of lights when you wake up at night.
  • Be able to send alert notification when something is amiss.

Subscription Service

  • Contextual Security – Auto Arm & Disarm, a room, a floor, or whole house. Includes light strobing and deterrence.
  • Aging In Place – Heuristic fall detection without need of any wearables.
  • Graphs and Event Notifications – Graphical view of your historical data. Event Notification for policies such as if a cleaning service has entered an area you have deemed off limits or how long they have spent in each room.
  • Automatic learning of your lighting preferences through the day, months and seasons.