Not Just A Switch

Elegant Simplicity

Operating your lights is a thing of the past. Out of the box, BriteLight switches know what to do and when.

Affordable Sophistication

Delivers a uniquely effortless experience in virtually any lighting scenario at a fraction of the cost of high-end systems. Say goodbye to the complexity of more hardware and the dependence on service technicians.


Success Stories


Touchless automation, flexible, and a growing number of functionalities.


Homeowner Danville, CA

  We got our first batch of BriteLight switches installed 2 years ago. The main thing that stood out was it had a lot of sensors built-in, something other smart switches didn’t have.
Initially there were issues with connectivity and wireless grouping, but with upgrades those issues have been resolved and many more features added like DIY Advance Security.
I liked the fact this switch is designed to grow and in terms of ability, it’s far ahead of anything else I’ve seen.

I like the touchless automation, the flexibility of how I could setup and variety of settings that’s awesome, the different configurations – having one solution that can adapt. Now when I go to someone’s home, I have to remember to actually turn on the light.

During a trip overseas, I used the DIY app-based security to keep an eye on the home. When anyone entered home, I got notified. I could monitor my family comings and goings even per room! 🙂
To me, this shows the beauty and the power of this switch. You don’t see that kind of visibility or granular detail with an alarm system.

I think it’s a revolutionary idea to have all the hardware you need at an affordable price with that ability to use it in creative ways.
Building functionality through the software is a great idea. You don’t need to upgrade it later for additional functionality. Over the years we have given numerous feedback and suggestions and they have been implemented within couple of months. So a company they are very responsive, innovative and actively growing their functionalities.

We’re very happy with the company, the switch and it is living up to its potential more and more every day. All my switches are now BriteLight! 


Don't have to touch any switch at all in any area of my house


New Homeowner Los Altos Hills, CA

  Bright Light is not a new company. The founder started with Commercial lighting Automation and most of the offices in the Silicon Valley and around use it. This company was eventually bought by a large multinational company. Home automation is his next big project. Since his office automation worked so well, my home was installed with his Bright light technology.
NO SHEETROCK CUTTING -There is no cutting of existing sheetrock and is extremely simple to use. (not like the other very expensive high end systems in the market). I have over 70 switches installed over the entire house and not only it is very inexpensive, but I do not have to touch any switches at all.
FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE -Everything is customizable right from dimming the light in the morning when one wakes up to having bright lights in the evening and daylight harvesting which saves so much energy.
SCENE CAPABILITIES -There are Scene modes TV MODE which can shut off all lights when watching TV or a PARTY MODE which turns on all the lights at your desired intensity level.
INDOOR AIR QUALITY – can be measured in some of the switches.
ALARM & SAFETY -The house can be alarmed by a simple touch in the app. Even if I keep a window open after the house is alarmed, and an intruder comes in, it will trigger the alarm as the sensor sees a movement from the opposite side.
FALSE TRIGGERS -Pets do not trigger a response. All these features can be accessed and changed very easily by their user-friendly app.

Fades from your mind after setup


New Homeowner Sunnyvale, CA

  I have ~10 of these installed in my house. The initial set up takes some time, but is rather straight forward with the app. There are lots of settings you can tweak if you want to go beyond the pretty sensible defaults. At first I wished it had better integration with HomeKit but I’m not sure what I would do with that exactly, since I almost never manually turn these lights on/off. I have them in the main halls set to turn on automatically based on motion/ambient light and it has worked pretty nicely, so it just fades into the background.  


Smart electric switch, which is really smart !!


Homeowner Fremont, CA

  I am a customer of BriteLlight for over 2 and a half years. I have replaced all my inside light switches with BriteLight. I haven’t touched any switch since then. The initial setup had some teething issues with touchless aspects. But with software updates, these issues got resolved quickly and many new features were added since then.

Though just a switch, it delivers amazing service capabilities like Panic Button, DIY Advance Security, and so on.
The most feature I am loving is when we get up middle of light … then the light starts glowing just with enough brightness so that I can see, without disturbing anyone else in the house!  

Exceptional system and easy to use!


Homeowner San Jose, CA

  I had BriteLight switches installed throughout my home six months ago and have enjoyed the ease of use ever since! The app is extremely easy to understand and very user friendly, with the ability to turn any light in the home on or off at any time. I have set lighting schedules for weekdays and weekends, and it is always pleasant to have just the lights I’ve selected turning on to welcome us home. Highly recommend BriteLight!!  

Great product!


New Homeowner Sandwich, MA

  We use the IAQ to help us understand how my new energy efficient home’s IAQ is doing. The profiels are a novel way to build dynamic scenes, my whole family enjoys the product.

Best experience – Not just a switch but a much more

Homeowner San Jose, CA

  More than a year ago, I was looking for a touchless switches because of my older parents at home. After some review of all available solutions and talking with customer services, I selected Brite light switches. Early on, we did have some connectivity and light flicker issues and technical support was very cooperative and supportive and the problem got fixed promptly with just a software upgrades. At this point I realized that I had selected the right product and right company. Further, all the programming features really made this switch very valuable. Not having to touch the switch is one, but every feature is pretty good. Having older parents at home, one of my motivations was to monitor their activity. I opted to try their Aging in Place monitoring and Basic DIY Security. When I have to leave them alone, it’s nice to get a notification that someone has left or entered a room. Likewise, when no one’s home, if someone breaks in, then you get a notification. I’m more than willing to share my experience with anyone because this is the best decision anyone can make.

Convenient, Scalable, Best in Class of Smart Lighting


New Homeowner Los Gatos, CA

  I have recommended it to people already. I think the ease of use is definitely there. It’s pretty convenient that when we have guests, they don’t have to look for light switches, and they don’t have to figure out how to get down the stairs at night. I think one of the really nice features is being able to set up the various levels of lighting based on time of day. So, at night you don’t want 100% of lighting. That part’s very convenient.

Touchless Experience, Simple switch with super smart lighting and DIY Security!


Homeowner Sunnyvale, CA

  My favorite part is the touchless experience. The fact that I don’t have to turn the lights on or off is definitely the best part I like. Switches have learned the dawn and dusk schedules and are behaving what you might say, more naturally – knowing when to turn on, when to turn off. It’s good to have a sensor in each room. I didn’t have temperature sensing in each room, but now when my daughter says her room is too hot, I actually use the Nuro software to verify. At the very least, it gives me an idea of whether or not the heating and cooling system is working correctly. I also like the security features – arming an disarming the house and when motion is detected I automatically get a notification. The house is feeling more secure than before. Recommend it? Oh yeah, absolutely. I did a post on NextDoor.