House in San Jose

Single-story, 4 bed, 2 bath | 28 switches | 2,000 sq ft. of illumination.
Coverage included garage.

Services Contextual security and tracking anomalies.

In meeting the client’s expectations….

It was easy to install when replacing existing switches. Aside from not having to touch the switch, you can monitor the motion and alarm the area. Having older parents at home, one of my motivations was to monitor their activity, so when I have to leave them alone, it’s nice to get a notification that someone has left or entered a room. Likewise, when no one’s home, if someone breaks in, then you get a notification. That’s a nice feature. Actually, every feature is pretty good, so it’s hard to tell which feature is better than the other one. All the programming features I have really make this switch very valuable. 110% I would more than willing to share my experience with anyone because this is the best decision anyone can make.”

– Home Owner(PhD, Patent Officer)