House in Los Altos Hills, CA

Two independent houses

   Guest house  3 bed, 2 bath | 19 switches | 1,500 sq. ft. of illumination.
   Main house – 5 bed, 5.5 bath | 79 switches | 5,500 sq. ft. of illumination.
Coverage included exterior lights plus the garage.

Scenario  New custom homes, each requiring independent lighting with maximum daylight harvesting and different light levels across different times of the day and changing seasons.

Services Contextual security for both houses, auto arming / dis-arming, auto vacation mode and tracking anomalies.

In meeting the client’s expectations….

“Well, I checked into other switches that claimed to have AI at the time, but all of them are either very complex, very hard to program, and I’m stuck with them for servicing. Pricing was a big issue as well as the complexity. Nuro’s technology makes it very simple and not at all expensive. I didn’t have to change any wiring and it’s very easy to use. I like it in that I could just swap out the switches and it could do whatever I wanted. The app is really good. I mean it tells you what the power usage, what the temperature is in every room, if there’s a person in the room. I was in control. I could do everything. Knowing the temperature in each room, I can adjust the venting and the heat as needed. It does security too, so with one tap of a button you alarm the house. I don’t even have to close the windows because if somebody comes in from the wrong direction it’ll tell me if somebody’s coming in.

– Home Owner (dentist)