House in Danville, CA


Single-story, 3 bed, 2 bath | 14 switches | 1,800 sq ft. of illumination.
Coverage included garage.

Services Contextual security and tracking anomalies.

In meeting the client’s expectations….

For me, the main thing that stood out was that it had a lot of sensors built-in which other smart switches didn’t have. Okay, this is going to be an automated switch that turns on and after some point it turns off. If that was the expectation, then we’ve gone way beyond that. What I liked about this one is there’s a plan to grow. It seemed to be far ahead of anything else that I saw in terms of its ability. I like the automation of it, the flexibility of how we can set it up. It’s the variety of settings that’s awesome, the different configurations – having one solution that can adapt.


During a trip overseas, I started using the security system to keep an eye on the home. My wife and kids returned home earlier, and when they entered the house, low and behold I got notified. I could monitor their comings and goings. To me, this shows the beauty and the power of this switch. You don’t see that kind of visibility or granular detail with an alarm system. I think it’s a revolutionary idea to have all the hardware you need at an affordable price with that ability to use it in creative ways. Building functionality through the software is a great idea. You don’t need to upgrade it later for additional functionality. We’re very happy with it and it’s living up to its potential more and more every day.”

– Home Owner (Biotech Research Scientist at Fortune 500 Biotech Company)