Trumark Homes, Northern CA

We realize “touchless” (something beyond voice control) is the next logical step in smart home automation. When we came across the BriteLight smart switch featuring Nuro’s Touchless Intelligence our first impression was, “Why does this switch have so many buttons?” The confusion was short-lived once we started walking through the house only to realize what an effortless experience a truly sophisticated smart-solution can deliver.


Nuro’s advantages are clear:

  • Installation is easy and it doesn’t alter our construction process.
  • Simplicity and affordable sophistication homeowners will really appreciate.
  • Insights that help homeowners understand how their home can work best for them.
  • Optional services (e.g., DIY security) providing unique value that go well beyond lighting control.


In featuring a Nuro Essentials package, we provide our buyers the flexibility to select optional Comfort and Whole house package upgrades with premium features and services that best suit their needs.

– Trumark Homes Purchasing, Northern CA