Custom Home in Los Gatos, CA

Two-story, 4 bed, 4 bath | 95 switches | 8,000 sq ft. of illumination.
Coverage included verandah and covered walk-way plus the garage.

Scenario  New custom home requiring the owner to experience the home’s level of natural light at different times of the day and across changing seasons in order to determine their lighting preferences.

Solution Monitoring the existing conditions (e.g., ambient light) via the BriteLight’s sensor, Nuro applied the customer’s feedback to remotely modify the level of daylight harvesting, brightness level, and other lighting behavior to suit their preferences.

Services Contextual security, auto arming / dis-arming, auto vacation mode and tracking anomalies.

In meeting the client’s expectations….

“A challenge while planning this new custom home was choosing a system to control so many lights in different zones. The choice was traditional expensive – complex to install and use lighting control, or a distributed and wireless system. Nuro provided a system that required no special wiring or centralized control, each switch could be easily configured via the provided app and I could choose how to group as necessary. Each Nuro switch installed as easily as a common light switch and the electrician didn’t have to change his typical process. The switches also function right out of the box, which meant the electrician could test his work easily.”

– Custom Home Builder