Builder Los Altos Hills, CA

“Our client decided to build a guest house first, so they could live there during the construction of the home. Within their budget, they wanted two things in a smart lighting system – something that was pretty sophisticated, but didn’t require a lot of hardware, and the ability to control both buildings independently through one app. This meant skipping the luxury home automation players, not just because of the cost, but because they’re all about hardware and we’d have to run cable between the units to manage the two as one. When we came across Nuro it not only met our client’s requirements, but offered so much more in terms of flexibility and that fact it’s touchless made it really unique. It doesn’t require a ton of different components and a trained technician. Our client manages their main house and the guest house from the same account in the app and uses the home security and tracking service for both premises as well.”

– Custom Home Builder