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Code Compliancy

  • Be it Title-24 code compliancy for vacancy, occupancy sensing, or energy efficiency, BriteLight has it covered.
  • Over-the-air updates future-proofs any further code compliancy changes.

Easy Install

  • Electrician friendly – Simple 4-wire light switch swap.
  • No special training, wiring, hubs, or control panels, keeping costs in line.
  • Works out-of-the-box as an electronic dimmer for electricians to test their wiring.
  • ETL & FCC certified.

Value to Home Buyers

  • Buyers appreciate the advanced autonomous lighting control that can also be operated as a simple light switch.​ 
  • Without need for additional hardware home buyers can subscribe to affordable value-added services.

Success Stories


Custom Home Builder, Los Altos Hills

Two independent houses

Guest house  3 bed, 2 bath | 19 switches | 1,500 sq. ft. of illumination.
Main house – 5 bed, 5.5 bath | 79 switches | 5,500 sq. ft. of illumination.

Coverage included exterior lights plus the garage.

Scenario  New custom homes, each requiring independent lighting with maximum daylight harvesting and different light levels across different times of the day and changing seasons.

Services Contextual security for both houses, auto arming / dis-arming, auto vacation mode and tracking anomalies.

In meeting the client’s expectations….

 Our client decided to build a guest house first, so they could live there during the construction of the home. Within their budget, they wanted two things in a smart lighting system – something that was pretty sophisticated, but didn’t require a lot of hardware, and the ability to control both buildings independently through one app. This meant skipping the luxury home automation players, not just because of the cost, but because they’re all about hardware and we’d have to run cable between the units to manage the two as one. When we came across Nuro it not only met our client’s requirements, but offered so much more in terms of flexibility and that fact it’s touchless made it really unique. It doesn’t require a ton of different components and a trained technician. Our client manages their main house and the guest house from the same account in the app and uses the home security and tracking service for both premises as well.

Custom Home Builder, Los Gatos, CA


Two-story, 4 bed, 4 bath | 95 switches | 8,000 sq ft. of illumination.
Coverage included verandah and covered walk-way plus the garage.

Scenario  New custom home requiring the owner to experience the home’s level of natural light at different times of the day and across changing seasons in order to determine their lighting preferences.

Solution Monitoring the existing conditions (e.g., ambient light) via the BriteLight’s sensor, Nuro applied the customer’s feedback to remotely modify the level of daylight harvesting, brightness level, and other lighting behavior to suit their preferences.

Services Contextual security, auto arming / dis-arming, auto vacation mode and tracking anomalies.

  A challenge while planning this new custom home was choosing a system to control so many lights in different zones. The choice was traditional expensive – complex to install and use lighting control, or a distributed and wireless system. Nuro provided a system that required no special wiring or centralized control, each switch could be easily configured via the provided app and I could choose how to group as necessary. Each Nuro switch installed as easily as a common light switch and the electrician didn’t have to change his typical process. The switches also function right out of the box, which meant the electrician could test his work easily. 

Trumark Homes Purchasing, Northern CA

  We realize “touchless” (something beyond voice control) is the next logical step in smart home automation. When we came across the BriteLight smart switch featuring Nuro’s Touchless Intelligence our first impression was, “Why does this switch have so many buttons?” The confusion was short-lived once we started walking through the house only to realize what an effortless experience a truly sophisticated smart-solution can deliver.  

Nuro’s advantages are clear:

  • Installation is easy and it doesn’t alter our construction process.
  • Simplicity and affordable sophistication homeowners will really appreciate.
  • Insights that help homeowners understand how their home can work best for them.
  • Optional services (e.g., DIY security) providing unique value that go well beyond lighting control.

In featuring a Nuro Essentials package, we provide our buyers the flexibility to select optional Comfort and Whole house package upgrades with premium features and services that best suit their needs.


Redhorse Constructors, San Rafael, CA


  BriteLight- wow! Finally an easy to use, all in one light switch! Super easy to install and use. The app is very user-friendly and straight-forward. There are so many settings that are adjustable for your preference. For example, you’re able to set lighting schedules for the week/or weekend and BriteLight also learns your movement patterns to help adjust when you do and don’t need your lights on, how cool is that?! This is the light switch that everyone should have in their home/office/studio, etc. Here at the Redhorse office, we’ve all had a great experience with the features of the light switch. You can say that we’re enjoying our “touchless” future! We highly recommend Nuro BriteLight, you won’t be disappointed!   

New Homeowner, Sunnyvale, CA

  I have ~10 of these installed in my house. The initial set up takes some time, but is rather straight forward with the app. There are lots of settings you can tweak if you want to go beyond the pretty sensible defaults. At first I wished it had better integration with HomeKit but I’m not sure what I would do with that exactly, since I almost never manually turn these lights on/off. I have them in the main halls set to turn on automatically based on motion/ambient light and it has worked pretty nicely, so it just fades into the background.