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 The “Essentials”
BriteLight Essentials is a starter package that is proven with multiple builders for:

  • Title 24 code compliancy.
  • Smart home technology differentiator.
  • DIY services, such as security.

 Code Compliancy

  • Be it vacancy, occupancy sensing, or energy efficiency, BriteLight has it covered.
  • Over-the-air updates future-proofs any further code compliancy changes.

 Easy Install

  • Electrician friendly – Simple 4-wire light switch swap.
  • No special training, wiring, hubs, or control panels, keeping costs in line.
  • Works out-of-the-box as an electronic dimmer for electricians to test their wiring.
  • ETL & FCC certified.

 Design Support

  • Without disrupting your process, our team can modify the existing electrical plans to optimize the positioning of switches in the BriteLight Essentials package.
  • We work closely with your electricians on the changes to basic plans and any options the homebuyer purchases.

 Marketing and Sales

  • Our team works with your sales, marketing and design center team to support home buyers with any questions they may have.
  • We stage the model home as a whole house solution which reduces wiring for 3-ways and labor cost. Ready for whole house control with placement convenient to the buyer and maximizes energy efficiency.
  • We also provide sales and marketing material to optimize the walk-through experience for the model home.